July 5, 2012

181 UW-Platteville Student-Athletes Named to the Gabe Miller Academic Honor Roll in 2011-12

For the 12th consecutive year, the University of Wisconsin-Platteville student-athletes had a higher grade-point average than the student body as a whole. The Pioneer student-athletes compiled an 2.929 grade-point average for the 2011-12 academic year, above the general student body overall grade-point average of 2.866.

181 student-athletes made the Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference Scholastic Honor Roll as well as the school's Gabe Miller Academic Honor Roll for having above a 3.00 GPA during the year.

The latter list is named in honor of Gabe Miller, who died just weeks after playing on the Pioneers' 1995 undefeated national championship basketball team. More than 2,000 UWP student-athletes have been named Gabe Miller Academic Scholars.

The following student-athletes earned the Gabe Miller award for 2011-12:

Name Sport(s)
Hannah Albright Women's Track and Field
Melissa Anderson Softball
Preston Baker Men's Track & Field
Colten Bartholomew Football
Kaliann Bauer Women's Track & Field
Michele Belling Women's Cross Country
Cherie Bennett Women's Cross Country/Track & Field
Zach Berger Football
Kevin Billington Football
Katie Binning Women's Cross Country
Kaitlyn Bissell Women's Track & Field
Alex Bondar Men's Basketball
Amy Borkenhagen Women's  Basketball
Matt Borneman Men's Cross Country/Track & Field
Megan Bruckschen Women's Track & Field
Evan Buck Men's Track & Field
Olivia Bukowski Women's Cross Country/Track & Field
Jackie Cahill Women's Track and Field
Brittany Caley Softball
Brandon Chmiel Men's Soccer
Scott Clark Men's Cross Country/Track and Field
Bill Clift Men's Cross Country/Track & Field
Evan Constant Football
Ryan Constant Football
Adam Cook Football
Kevin Costin Football
Peter Crocco Wrestling
Christopher Czech Men's Cross Country/Track and Field
Jacob Dailey Men's Track & Field
Chelsea Delzer Women's Cross Country/Track and Field
Zach Demmon Baseball
Nate Demski Football
Deidre Dillman Women's Track & Field
Kayla Doan Women's Cross Country/Track & Field
Kurt Druffel Men's Track and Field
Kaleigh Dunn Women's Cross Country/Track & Field
John Egan Men's Track & Field
Bryant Etherton Wrestling
Derek Fahrenkrug Men's Cross Country/Track & Field
Ben Farrell Men's Track & Field
Kevin Fessler Baseball
Amanda Fisch Volleyball
McKenzie Forseth Women's Basketball
Jeni Freiburger Softball
Alyssa Galvan Women's Basketball
Casey Goffinet Men's Track & Field
Jessie Goodwin Women's Soccer
Abe Graziano Wrestling
Jakob Gregerson Men's Track & Field
Audrey Gronen Softball
Allison Hackner Volleyball
Lindsey Harms Women's Soccer
Tanner Havens Men's Basketball
Jessica Heitsman Women's Track and Field
Anthony Heller Men's Soccer
Chris Henningsen Football
Marshall Herget Football
Annie Hinshaw Women's Soccer
Kyle Hoffman Football
Nathan Hoffmann Men's Track & Field
Morgan Hoover Women's Track & Field
Danielle Hopkins Women's Basketball
Matt Hubbard Men's Soccer
Krystal Hubbard Women's Basketball
Emily Husted Women's Soccer
Chad Ihrig Football
Tyler Jacobson Baseball
HaleyJansen Volleyball
Jessica Jentz Women's Basketball/Track & Field
Jordan Johnson Women's Basketball/Softball
Emily Kaiser Volleyball
Lisa Kaiser Women's Cross Country/Track & Field
Briana Kaiser Volleyball
Trevor Kattre Baseball
Robert Kerr Wrestling
Patrick Kessenich Men's Track and Field
Stephanie Kirchner Volleyball
Mary-Katherine Kladar Women's Track & Field
Patrick Klein Men's Track and Field
Nicole Kloepfer Women's Track and Field
Matthew Kocak Men's Cross Country/Track & Field
Scott Koenig Men's Soccer
Sarah Kolb Volleyball
Kayla Koltermann Women's Track & Field
Danielle Kunkel Women's Cross Country/Track & Field
Daniel LaCroix Men's Cross Country/Track & Field
Tim Laursen Men's Track and Field
Clayton Lewis Men's Basketball
Ethan Lightner Football
Kerrie Liske Golf
BJ Litz Men's Basketball
Aaron Loferski Football/Track & Field
Colleen Lowe Women's Basketball/Softball
Brian Lurquin Football
Cody Luther Baseball
Collin Macomber Men's Basketball
Meghan Macy Women's Soccer
Tommy Magna Football
Alexander Marsh Football
Wes Mathieu Wrestling
Ace McCarty Men's Track & Field
Ryan McElmeel Men's Soccer
Joseph McIlree Men's Track & Field
Hank McIvor Football
Andrew Mears Football
Reese Mersberger Men's Track and Field
Masees Mesdjian Men's Soccer
Bethany Meyer Women's Track & Field
LeeAnn Mizgalski Volleyball
Marissa Mol Women's Soccer
Evan Morgan Men's Cross Country/Track & Field
Ben Nagle Football
Julianna Nania Women's Soccer
Ashley Nelson Softball
Tyler Nelson Baseball
Levi Ney Baseball
Brooke Nichols Volleyball
Patrick O'Brien Football
Rachel Oldenburg Volleyball
Nick Oldenburg Football
Adrienne Oldenburg Volleyball
Grant Oldenburg Baseball
Jordan Olp Men's Track and Field
Bill Oppriecht Baseball
Jeremy Payne Men's Track & Field
Brittni Peach Softball
Jonathan Pedigo Football
Claire Poad Women's Basketball
Nathan Poelmann Baseball
Brian Polubinski Football
Sam Poser Men's Cross Country
Megan Pozezinski Softball
Liz Pretto Women's Soccer
Kelly Provancher Women's Track and Field
Samantha Rampart Volleyball
Janice Rasmussen Women's Track and Field
Molly Rice Softball
Brittany Rogness Golf
Christopher Rusthoven Men's Track and Field
Emily Ryan Women's Soccer
Zach Ryan Baseball
Haley Salazar Softball
Alex Schaefer Football
Nathalie Schattner Softball
Michael Schmidt Track and Field
Rilee Schmitz Women's Basketball
Kallie Schoessow Track and Field
Quinn Sedlak Wrestling
Ali Sikic Volleyball
Matthew Smaga Men's Cross Country/Track & Field
Nick Snyder Football
Brett Stangel Men's Basketball
Jim Stocki Men's Basketball
Anna Strasser Women's Soccer
Brad Streich Men's Soccer
Anthony Swimm Men's Cross Country
Ann Tank Women's Cross Country/Track & Field
Adam Theis Baseball
TJ Valley Men's Track & Field
Josh VandenBush Men's Track and Field
Keturah Vangen Women's Track & Field
Lee Vlasak Football
Joel Walden Men's Cross Country/Track and Field
Breanna Waldron Women's Soccer
Zach Wall Men's Soccer
Erin Walsh Women's Soccer
Larry Walton Football
Ashlynne Wampfler Women's Track and Field
Kristie Waynick Golf
Cameron Weess Men's Soccer
Kim Wellnitz Women's Basketball
Garret Wernecke Men's Cross Country
Trevor Whitehead Football
Kristin Wiley Track and Field
Dustin Wiskes Men's Soccer
Trevor Wittwer Men's Basketball
Sean Yaros Wrestling
Ailee Yundt Volleyball
Matthew Ziegler Men's Track and Field
Jacob Zilbar Football
Bryan Zimmerman Men's Cross Country