Cheer and Stunt


It's a whole new year for the UW-Platteville Cheer & Stunt Squad. Following an extremely busy and successful year of games, the program continues to grow while representing the Pioneer community with pride and spirit. The team is made up of full-time students, (12 or more credits) in good standing in the University. Members of the squad cheer for football, men?s and women?s basketball and compete in cheer and stunt competitions at a collegiate level.

In addition to cheering at home and away events as well as competition, they also participate in Alumni functions, Pep Rallies and Homecoming events, including the homecoming parade and the annual Homecoming Yell Volleyball game. The Cheer and Stunt Squad athletes are active members of PSAAC and the O-Zone.

This year the Pioneer Sparkles, an inclusive cheer team for individuals with disabilities, continues to cheer at football and basketball games throughout the season.

For more information, contact Suraya Mattoon at 608-732-7853 or e-mail