Pioneer Club Membership Brochure

General Information

The Pioneer Club provides support for all 16 varsity teams as well as cheerleading and athletic training. The Pioneer Club incorporates all of the individual sport booster clubs and brings these efforts under one entity.

Membership in the Pioneer Club directly impacts our UW-Platteville student-athletes participating in 16 Division III sports. Your support helps reduce the out-of-pocket expenses for our student-athletes, provides quality team equipment and uniforms and enhancing teams' budgets, while competing in the Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (WIAC).

Membership is open to alumni, friends of the university, businesses, foundations and our great fans. As the funding gap created by reduced state support increases, coaches and student-athletes are forced to fund-raise more on their own to keep competing at a Championship Level. With the support of the Pioneer Club, student-athletes can remain focused on their academic and athletic success, and coaches can concentrate on competing at the highest level.

Significant resources are required to support an intercollegiate athletic program and to provide opportunities to our current student-athletes and our future community leaders. That is why your support of the Pioneer Club is vital in helping us continue to educate, teach and coach our student-athletes while promoting the ideals of college athletics.

Pioneer Club Benefits

For More Information Contact:

Lindsay Dietmeier, Athletics Development

Phone: (608) 342-6002 | Email: